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ProApto Pattern n.9 Broad-Leaved Woodland: the waterproof and breathable VIS and IR LeafSuit

In 2016 ProApto Pattern n.9 is the first ever fully waterproof and breathable multispectral leaf-suit (leafy-suit / 3D ghillie) introduced in the market. We designed it to fulfill the continuous demand of a lightweight "leafy Ghillie" capable to maintain 3D shape even under heavy rains and amphibious operations. Thanks to our waterproof Infra Red Camouflage (WIRC) fabric we became capable to achieve effective multispectral camouflage while keeping extremely low weight and modular efficiency.

Although specifically designed for broad-leaved woodlands in the spring and summer months, the baseline also works extremely well during winter, thanks to the ivy and oak shades of WIRC fabric. Pattern n.9 is a fully waterproof and breathable leafsuit, NIR-compliant under both active and passive IR systems. It's particularly lightweight: the Ghillie suit in the photo above weighs 450gr. A further advantage is its reduced propensity to getting caught in bushes and vegetation compared to cotton and mesh fabric, and its permanent 3D depth effect.

Below are displayed several videos of the visual and infra red effectiveness of ProApto Leafsuits in pattern n.9. A full playlist about ProApto WIRC fabric can be found here

Are you still buying fabric, meshes and bridal veils? You may consider to evolve your approach to Ghillie Suits... (WIRC) fabric is the lightweight fabric (190gr per squared meter) we developed for Leafsuits in order to ensure waterproofness, breathability It is has a pretty solid texture which will endure to abrasion.

The WIRC fabric get not stuck in the bush as cotton and mesh fabrics and does not loose the 3D shape of depth even after prolonged compression, abrasions and heavy humidity and rain.

Here below are displayed two videos recorder both with active digital IR camera and analog night vision using an gen2 elbit green phosphorous tube.

You can also search for #proaptopattern9 on Instagram.

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