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ProApto Multispectral anti thermal counter thermal poncho camouflage ghillie suit radar


ProApto indipendently developed and patented individual multispectral camouflage to provide adequate counter-thermal measures against the increasing proliferation of hand and rifle mounted thermal sensors, as well as to the escalating threat of thermal drones and UAS.  ProApto anti-thermal camouflage provides simultaneous VIS - NIR and TIR concealment maximising soldiers' survivability and lethality on the contemporary peer-to-peer battlefield.  


ProApto multispectral camouflage is based on patented textiles with the following features: 

• thickness: from 0.1mm to 0.3mm

• weight: from 220gsm to 350gsm


breathable and not insulating

• extremely silent

washable with no decay of performance

can undergo further treatments


2d patterns

All ProApto multispectral camouflage can be produced in n.16 2D VIS-NIR camouflage patterns covering all biomes of the globe. 

The 16 2D camouflage patterns are developed by a neuroscientist and a senior graphic designer and are part of ProApto patented IP. 

3d patterns

All ProApto multispectral camouflage can be enhanced with n.19 3D VIS-NIR camouflage patterns designed for manifold types of operations.

The 19 3D camouflage patterns ranges from natural fibers like Jute and Rafia (fire--retardant) to waterproof and fireproof plastic alloys .


explore videos

We provide several videos of the thermal and multispectral effectiveness of our anti-thermal ponchos / cloaks as well as of our multispectral full body Ghillie Suits.

At the button here below you can find a youtube playlist showcasing several environmental tests and demonstrations we carried out. In the videos are reported also sensor specifications, distance and environmental conditions. 


Multispectral effectiveness is complex topic and requires technical discussions and extensive experimental sessions. We have calculated that our camouflage offer multispectral camouflage in temperature ranges between 10C and 35C at the following distances from the observer/sensor:

• VIS camouflage: above 200mt

• NIR camouflage: above 50mt

• MWIR camouflage: above 650mt

• LWIR camouflage: above 250mt

ProApto thermal imaging analyses counter drone anti spectral system sensor camouflage conc


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