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Our Ghillies are produced and shipped approximately 20-135 days after we have received the payment. As soon as you place the order on the website, you will be scheduled in the current or next production session. You can ask the awaiting time by reaching out to us on Facebook, Instagram or via email ( / However, the best way is to book a production slot first in order to secure your spot in the context of the limited availability of our production slots. Shooting targets and Bellicus Shooting Gear Killflash are delivered within 10 to 45 days depending quantities. For retailers, shooting instructors and agencies, shooting targets can be purchased at lower costs ensuring greater percentage for larger quantities. 


Payments with crypto currencies are welcome and encouraged (accepted coins: BitCoin, Ethereum, Solana, Aptos). Reach us on proton mail for this. 

For retailers and distributors there is the possibility of lower prices depending on quantities and type of products. For Ghillie Suits she minimum order is 25 pieces for a 15% discount, going up to 20% for 50 to 100 pieces and 25% for 500-1000 pieces.


For Multispectral Camouflage (VIS-NIR-TIR) the minimum order is 100 pieces, over 200 items we are able to lower the price.


policy, terms and conditions


Ghillies are produced and delivered between 20 and 135 days depending on the number of available monthly slots. Make sure to place your order with the proper timing. By placing your order you book your production slot and you agree to our policy, terms and conditions. Once the order is placed refund is not possible since the slot is reserved. Cancellation is accepted but only 50% is refunded. Retailers and institutions are required in the same way to pay the whole amount in advance. No exceptions. Letter of Credit and similar scams are not considered. 

life time warranty and assistance

Each and every customer has life-time assistance and warranty on our Ghillie Suits and Thermal Camouflage. If shit happens we will sort out your problem. However, this does not apply to cosmetic issues or anything  which does not affect functionality and effectiveness.

Shipping costs are always due at customer's expense.

return policy

You have 60 days to return the products if there is something you do not like or if you realise you got a pattern not suited for your area. We do not accept for returns thermal camouflage and our shooting targets. Shipping costs are always at the customer's expense. You will get a refund only if the product is returned in perfect condition and if no weight variation occurred. 50% of costs are retained for return processing. 

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