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ProApto multipurpose Multispectral Ghillie Suit 3D camouflage sniper.jpg

Ghillie Suit

From 2015 ProApto revised and extended the old Ghillie Suit design, proposing an innovative system minimizing the common problems related to Ghillie suit usage. Overheating, cumbersomeness, heavy weights and textile freezing are issues you won’t experience using ProApto Ghillies.

ProApto’s multipurpose design ensure high breathability, low weight and unpaired modularity and versatility in any environment and weather.

unpaired camo

All ProApto Ghillie suits offer high 3D camouflage effectiveness (VIS and NIR) within and beyond the intended environment of use. Indeed, the 3D camouflage material is designed to perfectly blend in the operational environment while being versatility deployed in the transitional biomes related to the main environment of use.  The application of natural elements or additional 3D camouflage only enhances the 3D adaptability of ProApto Ghillie systems.

ProApto Rafia NIR VIS SWIR GHillie Suit waterproof suit camouflage 3D _edited.jpg

3d patterns

All ProApto multispectral Ghillies can be produced in 19 different 3D VIS-NIR standardised camouflage patterns designed for all biomes of the globe. 

We offer the widest choice of Ghillie camouflage worldwide. The 19 3D camouflage patterns ranges from natural fibers like Jute and Rafia (fire--retardant) to waterproof and fireproof plastic alloys .

Ghillie models

We also provide the widest worldwide choice of Ghillie models, in total our catalog boasts over 170 different Ghillie suits (6 different models x 19 different 3D patterns).


Our Ghillie design is modular and multipurpose, this mean that a Ghillie platform can be adapted to various operational uses, part can be added or removed and a single system can conceal multiple users simultaneously. For more info view our shop or contact us .

ProApto compact assault ghillie multiputpose sniper suit war stalking  spotter.jpg
ProApto leafsuit 3d leaf suit sniper suit NIR Camouflage SWIR VIS_edited.jpg


In a nutshell, ProApto multispectral Ghillie suits offer the following features:

  • high VIS and NIR effectiveness even at very short range

  • Versatility and Modularity

  • possibility to apply vegetation and additional 3D material on the whole system (not only in specific areas)

  • waterproof highly breathable base made of high-resistance plastic alloy. All bases are modular and MOLLE compatible.

ghillie bases

ProApto 3D Ghillie patterns and Ghillie bases are patented over 30 countries. For our Ghillie bases we  avoided using fabric since it rips, get wet and causes overheating. Our Ghillies are built on a patented plastic alloy, fully waterproof, extremely silent and lightweight which ensure long lasting camouflage system and full breathability and sensory awareness. The design of each Ghillie model is fully adjustable according to individual and  operational needs or different sizing. 

ProApto Ghillie bases VIS NIR SWIR camouflage highly breathable suits sniper_edited.jpg

explore videos

We provide several videos of the Visual and Near infra-red effectiveness of our Ghillie Suits. Our YouTube channel hosts over 250 videos organised for Ghillie models and for 3D camouflage patterns.

At the button here below you can find a youtube playlist showcasing several environmental tests and demonstrations we carried out. 

italian craftmanship

Our Camouflage systems are completely designed and made in Italy sourcing italian and european materials (only rafia comes from Africa).  Our uniquely trained italian artisans take days to handmade ProApto Ghillies, this is the reason why production is on demand and usually takes from 30 to 180 days to receive the order. 



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