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The smartest way to camouflage your brain

ProApto Ghillie Helmet Cover is a universal fit Ghillie Helmet which does not interfere with any gear on the headset. The Ghillie Helmet Cover is an heavy duty base for concealing your head and it will stay with you for years.

It is made with a waterproof NIR high-resistance net (the same of our Ghillies), which enables applying vegetation and passing cables through it. Ear protections can be adjusted effortlessly, and IR signaling lights remain visible when covered by the Ghillie. Lights can function properly when the Ghillie cover is on the helmet because the net base makes it possible to place light bulbs in-between the meshes. Night vision mounts and night vision goggles can be placed and removed without problems since the Ghillie Helmet Cover can be easily secured to them.

The Ghillie Helmet Cover can be secured to any helmets thanks to paracord strings (or zip-ties if you prefer a more stable and "long-term" setup). The Ghillie Helmet Cover is also adjustable and customizable depending on specific personal requirements.

When not on the helmet, the Ghillie Helmet Cover can be worn as a standalone "Ghillie Hat" (easy to secure with paracord or shock-cords), or it can be used as a rifle/scope cover, or even as a camera cover. Additionally, it is suitable for silly Sideshow Bob or Bob Marley cosplays or for emulating kinky afro hairstyles. Provides visible, NIR and thermal camouflage, Highly packable, Weight: 100-150grDimensions: 40x60cm

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