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Who we are

ProApto is an italian-rooted brand formally established in 2015. ProApto specializes in the production of three-dimensional and multispectral individual camouflage (VIS - NIR - MWIR - LWIR). 

ProApto personnel comprises neuroscientists, software engineers, graphic designers, former military officer, and uniquely trained artisans who are the driving force behind our innovative products.

what we do

ProApto offers the widest choice of 3D camouflage across the world, and it is the only company to develop standardized three-dimensional camouflage patterns based on world climate classification.


Currently, ProApto offers n.19 3D camouflage patterns and n.16 2D camouflage patterns covering all biomes worldwide.

Each product is personally tested in the environment of use by ProApto personnel and then validated with ProApto collaborators.


patented IP

ProApto individual multispectral camouflage is patented over 30 countries worldwide. 

ProApto Intellectual property in matter of camouflage ranges from 2D to 3D patterns extending to multispectral individual solutions protecting simultaneously across the VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR wavelengths of the electromagnetic  spectrum.


Part of the ProApto's revenue funds high-level academic research in human neuroscience. The main topics revolve around neurodegeneration prevention, cognitive enhancement and visual perception.

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