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Pattern n.18 - Bellicus -the light weight compact Assault Ghillie for the modern warzone scenario

The ProApto Pattern n.18 - Bellicus is about to be released in summer 2023. It is primarily designed to be extremely lightweight and packable without compromising the breathability and the waterproofness of ProApto Ghillies. In addition, it does not sacrifice the possibility to securely add vegetation on the reliable ProApto ghillie bases. The 3D camouflage pattern on the Ghillie itself is reduced and more scattered creating areas of greater 3D contrast. The 3D material comes from military nets, so it has a good VIS and NIR reflectance and good mechanical resistance.

This is the ProApto version of the Ghillie proposed by Crye precision. Throughout the last years a few customers asked us if we were interested in producing a Ghillie such the well know system proposed by Crye. Since this demand increased within the last months, we decide to make our own alternative of that concept.

First of all we used the ProApto bases including its crucial PVF Hood System, but instead of sewing over a multicam netting, we decided to cut stripes of OD/Brown stripes of netting to better craft the 3D pattern. Our version of the Crye assault Ghillie is heavier, total weight of 380gr and packabale in a pouch of 20x10cm. However, the Bellicus pattern enable to apply vegetation, it is fully waterproof and highly resistant to mechanical stress. Obviously is Multispectral (VIS and NIR).

The intended environment of use is primarily conceived as urban aftermath in war zones. So, urban areas and urban-rural areas involved in conflicts (guerrilla, invasions, proxy wars and so on... Other intended environments of use are the rocky deserts and deciduous forests, particularly in autumn and winter. This Pattern will be produced only for certain ProApto Ghillie models which are: ProApto Stalking-Hood, ProApto Staking-Hood + Back Extension, Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter and ProApto Modular Multipurpose Stalking Suit. Lastly the price is going the cheaper than other Ghillies, possibly ranging within 20%-25% less than the baseline Ghillie patterns.

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