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BELLICUS - WW3-D helmet cover

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

In collaboration with The Tower Company, Bellicus Shooting Gear introduces the World War 3-Dimentionsional helmet cover. The WW3-D helmet cover is the evolution of WW2 USA army paratroopers helmet covers. This 3D helmet cover adds depth and shape disruption to the helmet reducing the likelihood of visual detection without compromising any headset and accessories.

Bellicus brings to Europe the current revival of old-fashioned concept of adding netting to helmets recently introduced in the USA by LowPro apparel. Indeed, Bellicus launches the european version of LowPro Augmento ghillie helmet providing to european customers an equivalent product with no import fees and quick delivery times. Therefore the product will be not available for purchase in the USA but only for Europe and Asia (including Russia and China).

Thanks to the very low cost and high packability, multiple helmet covers can be carried along to maximize concealment while changing environments or to be easily replaced when completely ripped-off.

The Bellicus helmet cover is extremely lightweight (30g) and it does not interfere with any headset thanks to its universal fit. The 3D laser cut mesh allows to properly use helmets lights, articulate ear protections and use IR signaling lights.

In the same way, the articulation of NVGs is not impaired by the helmet cover. It can be easily adjusted using the shock cord and tightly secured to the helmet with zip-ties or paracord.

The Bellicus WW3-D HC will be available in Italian Army vegetato, reversible brown and od, Multi-Terrain-Pattern, Tiger Stripes, Digital Greenzone and Dry Foliage (see the picture below).

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