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The Stalking Hood is our version of the classic Viper Hood. Our redesign boasts improved features and a longer back for better coverage. As part of this new and improved Viper Hood design, we avoided fabric entirely, as it can easily rip and get wet, and replaced it with lightweight netting. The mesh base is extra-resistant, highly breathable and waterproof, and as such does not absorb sweat or get wet. In addition, it is MOLLE-compatible, allowing you to attach small pouches, radios, knives and binoculars to the chest area.



Weighs between 350 and 950gr. Can be transported inside a pouch or draped over a backpack.


In addition, ProApto's Stalking-Hood  is a modular item that, combined with a Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter 1, forms a Multipurpose Modular Stalking Suit (MMSS), a stalking suit that conceals a large portion of the body, as well as backpacks of several sizes.


Lastly, the Stalking Hood can be fitted with a modular back extension and sleeve extensions.

Stalking Hood® - (ProApto Viper Hood)

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