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A Multipurpose Ghillie designed for long-distance wildlife photography expeditions spanning over multiple days. This device offers full concealment of the body + a large backpack (50LT and up).


Weight is 1100gr (rafia version) and 2300gr (jute version). It can be compressed to the size of a large sleeping bag (approximately 60x40x30cm).

Multipurpose Uses:

This Ghillie conceals you and your backpack at all times, whether you be on the move during the day or camped down at night. The Ghillie Cape Hammock is a wearable concealed sleeping system, converting into a Camouflaged Ghillie Hammock to sleep in.
It can also convert into a spotting shelter or a suspended platform, and function as an emergency stretcher or to transport hunted game.

Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Hammock®

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