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ProApto is an Italian-rooted company providing the widest worldwide selection of individual multispectral camouflage (VIS-NIR-TIR), ranging from 3D Ghillie suits to 2D thermal camouflage solutions.


The multipurpose and versatile design of ProApto Ghillie suits ensures high breathability, low weight and unpaired modularity and adaptability in any environment and weather. No need to mention the camouflage effectiveness...

19 3d patterns

ProApto offers the widest selection of 3D Ghillie and LeafSuits camouflage patterns worldwide, specifically designed to operate in each biome of the globe. You can choose either natural fibers or synthetic alloys for various operational needs... 


ProApto boasts a wide range of thermal camouflage systems to ensure adequate counter-thermal measures against the increasing proliferation of hand and rifle mounted thermal sensors, as wells as UAS and drone warfare.

16 2d patterns

This selection of individual multispectral camouflage can be produced in 16 different proprietary camouflage designs. In total the ProApto catalog features over 170 3D sniper suit options and over 90 anti-thermal systems (VIS-NIR-TIR).

ProApto Ghillie Suit VIS NIR SWIR individual sniper suit 3d camouflage.jpg
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