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ProApto Pattern n.2 Multiland

Multiland Pattern was among the earliest ProApto standardised Ghillie Pattern and comes from an overall development time-frame of 5 years (2010 - 2015), throughout which this simple camouflage scheme was tested and implemented across multiple environments. ProApto publicly introduced it in 2015 together with Pattern n. 1 Arid and Pattern n.3 Greenzone.

This highly versatile pattern is suited for several environment types, from arid fields to wooded and mountainous areas, and adapts well to every season.

In rich green surroundings, achieving a good degree of concealment will require the addition of a fair amount of mud or vegetation, particularly in the Northern hemisphere, where the baseline is most exposed. Multiland is best suited for temperate and arid environments. It is based on jute and rafia but a full rafia version is available on demand.

The ProApto standardised Ghillie pattern n.2 Multiland is a jute based Ghillie camouflage pattern, and it come from adding olive-drab green to the ProApto Pattern n.1 Arid (made only with tan shades). By doing so, the high contrast between tan and OD enhances the disruptive 3D effect of the Ghillie. This high disruptive contrast is further amplified by the addition of brown rafia which creates an additional "disruptive layer" on the camouflage maximising concealment.

Below is displayed a video of the visual effectiveness of ProApto Multiland. A full youtube playlist about Multiland pattern n.2 can be found here

From arid open fields to mid-woods and mountain environment, generaly referring to Dry and Continenatal climate categories according to Koppen-Geiger climate classification.

You can also search for #proaptopattern2 on Instagram.

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