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The Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter

Updated: Apr 3

a versatile individual Ghillie for dynamic and static uses

The ProApto Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter one, is a multipurpose ghillie designed for military uses, such as reconnaissance and terminal attack control activities. It is the first ever introduced multipurpose ghillie concept introduced by ProApto back in 2015.

The shelter 1, is a squared ghillie made of lightweight and high resistant net. It has no sleeves nor hood, this enables to several configurations both at individual and team level. Indeed, when used as personal camouflage, it breaks the outline of the head and shoulders while concealing the back greatly disrupting the human figure. The ghillie cape can be easily secured to boonie hats or to ballistic helmets versatilely interacting with various equipment configurations. In addition, the ghillie cape can be used to cover a backpack or it can be connected to the ProApto Stalking-Hood resulting in the Modular multipurpose stalking suit.

The Shelter 1 can also be used to conceal observation points covering entries or holes, while still enabling situational awareness since its 5 centimeters mesh allow to see trough. Similarly, such mesh easily permits to focus scopes and cameras while remaining completely concealed behind it. The shelter 1 can be also connected to other Ghillie cape shelter 1 and 2 or ghillie cape hammocks as to cover larger surfaces or vehicles. Similarly, the shelter 1 can be converted into a suspended shelter such as a hammock-chair or a suspended platform.

Furthermore, it can function as an emergency litter or to transport hunted game. The Ghillie base waterproof is highly durable, each mesh can hold up to 50kg of direct traction while the whole Ghillie structure can withstand up to 400 kg of direct traction. The Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter ranges between 400 and 950 grams of weight depending on the camouflage pattern and the material chosen. As any of the ProApto Ghillies, it offers Visible and Near Infra-Red camouflage while mitigating the thermal signature in the mid and long infrared wavelength.

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