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The Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter 1 is a multipurpose ghillie. Designed for military use, in particular for recon activities and to be used a personal camouflage system when the base is not covered by 3D camouflage material.


When worn, the Ghillie Cape Shelter 1  breaks the outline of the head and shoulders while concealing the back greatly disrupting the human figure.


It can withstand up to 300 kg of weight. It has no sleeves nor hood, and it can be worn securing it to a boonie hat or a helmet.


The Shelter 1 can also be converted into a suspended shelter such as a hammock-chair or a suspended platform. Also converts into a shelter for stealth camping and a spotting shelter. It can function as an emergency litter or to transport hunted game.

The Shelter 1 has a weight ranging from 350gr (if made in Rafia or our waterproof Patterns) to 980gr if made with Jute. 

The Shelter 1 also works in great combination with the Helmet cover. Indeed, in dynamic use the Shelter 1 can be used to cover the upper body or a backpack while keep the head conceal with the helmet cover. Then in static observation the Shelter 1 can cover the hide and the operator can have the head camouflaged by the helmet cover. 

Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter® 1

  • Multipurpose Ghillie. Designed for Military use hunting and wildlife photography, it breaks the outline of the head and shoulders and conceals the back.



    Minimum weight 450gr (rafia version), 950gr (jute version).  Easy to compress into a bag.<