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LIMITED EDITION - Bellicus Shooting Gear introduces the World War 3-Dimentionsional backpack cover. The WW3-D backpack cover adds camoulage structural depth to the backpacks reducing the likelihood of visual detection without compromising any equipment.


Bellicus brings to Europe the current revival of old-fashioned concept of adding netting to gear, recently introduced in the USA by LowPro apparel. This line of product is extremely lightweight and provide decent visual concealment, a must for budget applications. The life-time of this products heavily depends on its uses and it will not last forever, even tho its remaining part can be re-used as rifle or face scrim or for Ghillie/leafsuits applications


The Bellicus WW3-D bakcpack is available in Italian Army vegetato and Digital Greenzone.

Allow Bellicus 10 days after the order to ship the parcel

Bellicus ww3-d backpack cover

Camouflage Pattern
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