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Stalking-Hood Modular Multipurpose Stalking Suit - MMSS - (Stalking-Hood + Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter 1). 2 Ghillies than enable 3 different configurations. If needed the MMSS can be split by 2 operators, one using the Stalking-Hood while the other the Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter 1 (MGCS1). Then, the MGCS1 can be used to conceal a stalking point while still being concealed by the Stalking-Hood.

Our Stalking-Hood has a modular design that allows to combine it with a Ghillie Cape Shelter®, in order to obtain a greater body cover.

The combination of a Ghillie Cape Shelter® and a Satlking-Hood allows to have the possibility to choose between three options:

1) Cover head, shoulders and upper arms (using only the Stalking-Hood)
2) Cover head, shoulders and back (using only a Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter® 1)
3) Cover head, shoulders, upper arms, back, and the upper legs (combining the Stalking-Hood with the Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter® 1)

This Modular Suit can be useful for stalking activities. The Stalking-Hood can be easily worn even with a large backpack, and the Ghillie Cape Shelter® 1 can be secured to over the backpack as a Ghillie cover.

Modular Multipurpose Stalking Suit

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