Camouflage ghillie tutorials

A video tutorial about "how to apply vegetation on a Ghillie Suit".  In this video 4 different ways are briefly covered and explained with the aid of practical videos: 1) Rubber bands, 2) Paracord strings, 3) ProApto Ghillie Base, 4) Garnishment.

Different methodologies have different pros and cons, you have just to try them and make up your mind.

How to approach deer ethically and effectively? Here an example of close range observation (10-50mt) of a herd of red deers at 1700mt of elevation in the italian mountains during rut season (mid-sept). Deer are not aware of the observer thankfully to the right camouflage and tecniques. Deer were not disturbed and not alarmed. This is the right ethical way to approach deer both for hunting and wildlife photography. What to do? 1) get the right camo: they see IR and UV so avoid chinese shit or eastern european fabric. Check if your camouflage has good IR and UV light management (how? get IR cameras + NVG + UV lighst + etc). Deer see 5 time better than you with 300 degree field of view. 2) conceal your smell with mud and vegetation, even better deer feces. (deer sense of smell is 30% better than dogs) 3) Stay silent, deer hear basically the same frequencies than human + high frequencies we do not catch. 4) Stay still, as much as possible 5) get the right camo (again), do not use leaf suit in open fields but Jute and Rafia. Get the right colours 6) deer are not stupid, by far smarter than humans.


How to disguise human smell both for hunting and paranoids-escape related purposes. Here below several practical videos show how to conceal human smell using your Ghillie Suit. These procedures significantly  help to reduce human scent and lead to better results while hunting or hypothetically hiding for whatsoever paranoia you have. A great way not shown here is to leave the Ghillie buried for a couple of days in the environment you need to operate, or even up on a tree for a couple of nights. However, if you can not do that, do what is disclosed in the videos below. Keep on mind that bring vegetation on your Ghillie is a valuable skill to pursue smell camouflage.