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praedātŏr, praedātŏr, praedatoris  -  is an ancient Roman noun meaning predator, harrier, reaper


ProApto PRAEDATOR is a multispectral individual camouflage VIS - NIR - TIR camouflage for the upper body, and it is  primarily designed to conceal the upper body in sniper hides, or in the trench lines when the soldier is exposed while operating with optronics and firearms.


As all ProApto multispectral camouflage, PRAEDATOR is brethable, water-resistant, does not insulate the user. It is silent and is suitable for amphibious operations. It does not release harmful chemicals and can be washed with no decay of multispectral performances. The weight ranges between 450gr and 1300gr depending the version and the configurations. It can be packed in 20x30x10cm bag.


PRAEDATOR is a modular system, it can be combined with ProApto RECONDOR (poncho) to cover the body or to settle an observation post. Moreover, PRAEDATOR is part of the ProApto OCCULTOR system, which is a modular suit with limb and torso covers.


PRAEDATOR can be produced in all the 16 ProApto 2D camouflage patterns and in all the 19 ProApto 3D Ghillie Patterns.


The price starts from 9669.66 up to 12890 euros, pre-order is available and the first production will occur in summer 2024. 

ProApto counter-thermal camouflage is going to be available in 2024 for civilian and military use, to maximise survivability when it matters the most.

praedātŏr, praedātŏr, praedatoris is an ancient Roman noun meaning predator, harrier, reaper

PRAEDATOR - upper body multispectral camouflage (VIS - NIR - TIR)

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