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praedātŏr, praedātŏr, praedatoris 


ProApto Praedator is a multispectral individual camouflage, primarily designed to offer concealment in the thermal infra red spectrum. Praedator is designed for sniper, recon and JTAC teams as to conceal the upper body in sniper hides, or in the trench lines when the soldier is exposed while operating with optronics and firearms.


Praedator can be produced in several camouflage patterns and on request it can be implemented with 3D laser cut camouflage or with the ProApto standardised 3D Ghillie Pattern. 


The price starts from 9669.66 up to 12890 euros, pre-order is available and the first production will occur in summer 2024. 

Praedator is breathable, water-resistant, does not insulate the user and it is extremely silent. it is also lightweight with a weight ranging from 400 to 980 grams depending on the configuration chosen. Furthermore, it can be easily packed in a compression bag and carried as necessary. As all ouf our multispectral camouflage it is suitable for amphibious use and it can be washed if necessary.

Praedator greatly disrupts the silhouette of head and shoulders while covering the back, the arms, including the hands providing simultaneously Visible, Near infra-red and thermal infra-red camouflage. In addition, Predator is compatible with ProApto ghillies, indeed both the ProApto Stalking-Hood and the ProApto Multipurpose ghillie cape shelter 1, can be secured over the predator maximising 3D camouflage, without interfering with its counter thermal capabilities. predator can be worn with any ballistic helmet without compromising the functionality of the various headsets, it works also in combination with night vision goggles without restricting the visual field or the manoeuvrability of head mounted gear. What is more, predator can be paired with the ProApto Recondor resulting in a full body counter-thermal stalking suit.


Such multipurpose and versatile configuration enables the operator to conceal the whole body and to still be capable of setting up an observation post, using Recondor for the sniper hide and wearing predator behind it.


ProApto counter-thermal camouflage is going to be available in 2024 for civilian and military use, to maximise survivability when it matters the most.

praedātŏr, praedātŏr, praedatoris is an ancient Roman noun meaning predator, harrier, reaper

PRAEDATOR - upper body multispectral camouflage (VIS - NIR - TIR)

20-120 days of production, send us a message
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