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A larger version of Cape Shelter 1. Shelter 2 is 1.50mt x 1.20mt , with the same uses and features of Shelter 1, except it also covers the upper arms and thighs. It can serve as a small hammock. Shelter 2 weighs 600gr (rafia version) and 1200gr (jute version). It's often chosen by army snipers due to its versatility and the body area it covers. The Ghillie cna indeed cover the head and shoulders and a great portion of the body, or a wide portion of large backpacks when used for large distances.

Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter® 2 LL

€1,565.00 Regular Price
€1,173.75Sale Price
    proapto 5 stars best ghillie ever_edited_edited.jpg
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