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A full body two-piece Ghillie Suit designed to be worn over any type of equiptment. Extremelly breathable and lightweight (between 1.3 to 2.5kg total weight) the ProApto Wookie Suit offers high VIS and NIR camouflage at very short range as well as from larger distances. In dry and hot environment it also offers LWIR camouflage (above 25C environment temperature). The suit can be produced with organic and/or synthetic alloys. Fire-retardant treatmet is offered on demand. 


The upper piece is a ProApto Stalking Hood Ghillie with added back extension, long sleeves and a Dorsal Hand Ghillie Cover. The lower piece consists of ProApto's Modular Ghillie Overtrousers with added Side and Back Ghillie Boot Covers. 
This Wookie Suit conceals 70% of the body, including the hands and feet. It is modular and breathable, suitable for all types of clothing in every season. The Ghillie Overtrousers are fully adjustable and allow for easier crawling, as they do not cover or restrict the inner leg (the body part most involved in crawling) or the front as standard ghillie trousers usually do.


Full Body Ghillie Suit - Wookie Suit®

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