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rĕcondo, rĕcondis, recondidi, reconditum, rĕcondĕre 

ProApto RECONDOR  is a VIS - NIR - TIR multispectral and multipurpose anti-drone counter-thermal cloak, designed to offer camouflage in static and dynamic use. The primary feature of RECONDOR is the capability to rapidly emulate environment temperature while dynamically tuning into temperature variations. This capability greatly enhances camouflage effectiveness consistently blending in with the surroundings

As all ProApto multispectral camouflage (anti-thermal), RECONDOR  is brethable, water-resistant, does not insulate the user. It is silent and is suitable for amphibious operations. It does not release harmful chemicals and can be washed with no decay of multispectral performances. The weight ranges between 900gr (the cloak - 140cm x 200c) and 1300gr (with the addition of the detachable-hood and face cover). It can be packed in 20x30x5cm bag.

RECONDOR can be produced in all the 16 ProApto 2D camouflage VIS and NIR patterns.


Furthermore, RECONDOR can be paired with ProApto PRAEDATOR, resulting in a full body counter-thermal stalking suit. Such multipurpose and versatile configuration enables the operator to conceal the whole body and to still be capable of setting up an observation post, using RECONDOR for the sniper hide and wearing predator behind it. This system can be further implemented with limbs covers resulting in the ProApto OCCULTOR Suit.


The price starts from 9669.66, pre-order is available and the first production will occur in summer 2024.



ProApto counter-thermal camouflage is going to be available in 2024 for civilian and military use, to maximise survivability when it matters the most.


rĕcondor is the first person present passive of the ancient Roman verb rĕcondo, rĕcondis, recondidi, reconditum, rĕcondĕre which means "to hide, to conceal, to put in place, to set-up, to stick-in".


RECONDOR - Anti-Drone Multipurpose Cloak (VIS - NIR - TIR)

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