Waterproof and Breathable thermal camouflage. Double-sided (green and brown). It can be used to conceal, observation point, for stealth camping and if needed can be worn to conceal human thermal signature. When worn the fabric should be away from the body, a helment and a backpack will be enough, but make sure to get some air between the shoulders and the shelter.  When used for stealth camping or observation point the Recondor V1 should be placed organically, avoind straight lines an maximal tension.


It provides visible and IR camouflage including thermal radiation. It is a protective screen between you and the eyes of the observer. 

210x145cm of dimensions

850gr total weight

The design can be customised in dimensions and features: holes can be added along with 3D camouflage for better disruption.


rĕcondor is the first person present passive of the ancient Roman verb rĕcondo, rĕcondis, recondidi, reconditum, rĕcondĕre which means "to hide, to conceal, to put in place, to set-up, to stick-in"

Availablenow for anyone, including civilians. Worldwide shipping. Place the order from here or send us an email for more info.

RECONDOR I - Anti-Drone Thermal Shelter