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rĕcondo, rĕcondis, recondidi, reconditum, rĕcondĕre

ProApto RECONDOR  is a multispectral and multipurpose anti-drone cloak, designed to offer camouflage in the Visible, Near infrared and thermal infrared spectrum. The primary feature of RECONDOR is the capability to rapidly emulate environment temperature while dynamically tuning into temperature variations. This capability greatly enhances camouflage effectiveness consistently blending in with the surroundings

RECONDOR can be produced in several camouflage patterns and on request it can be implemented with 3D laser cut camouflage or with the ProApto standardised 3D Ghillie Pattern.


The price starts from 9669.66 up to 22360 euros, pre-order is available and the first production will occur in summer 2024.

RECONDOR fabric is silent, it does not store heat and it is highly breathable. For these reasons, at individual level its main uses involves concealment of observation posts and stealth bivouac. While at team level it can be combined with other RECONDOR as to cover small vehicles or larger areas. As all ouf our multispectral camouflage it is suitable for amphibious use and it can be washed if necessary.

If needed, RECONDOR can be worn providing significant mitigation of human thermal signature while offering camouflage in the visible and the whole infrared spectrum. When worn, the user's signature is remarkably reduced matching the environment without adding thermal insulation, noise or cumbersomeness. 

Furthermore, it can be used with any equipment and any ballistic helmet without compromising the functionality of the various headsets, including night vision goggles. 

Depending on the environmental temperature, particularly at freezing conditions, because of its dynamic thermal adaptability RECONDOR works at it best over soldier’s gear when some degree of air flow is guaranteed between the body and the camouflage. In addition, RECONDOR is also water-resistant and lightweight, and it can be easily packed and carried as needed in a small bag of less than 1.2kg of weight. 

Moreover, as in nature, RECONDOR can be effectively used in urban environment providing protection for a wide range of intelligence and surveillance uses, such as counter-terrorism and information acquisition. correspondingly, its uses include also urban warfare and guerrilla tactics such as urban sniping and close-quarters battle RECONDOR is also modular, an additional hood with hands and legs covers can be added to the system (OCCULTOR limb covers)

In the same vein, RECONDOR can be paired with ProApto PRAEDATOR, resulting in a full body counter-thermal stalking suit. Such multipurpose and versatile configuration enables the operator to conceal the whole body and to still be capable of setting up an observation post, using re-condor for the sniper hide and wearing predator behind it. 


rĕcondor is the first person present passive of the ancient Roman verb rĕcondo, rĕcondis, recondidi, reconditum, rĕcondĕre which means "to hide, to conceal, to put in place, to set-up, to stick-in".


RECONDOR - Anti-Drone Multipurpose Cloak (VIS - NIR - TIR)

20-120 days of production, send us a message
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