rīmātŏr, rīmātŏr, rimatoris 

ProApto RIMATOR Suit is the Ghillie Suit for camouflage in the whole IR spectrum providing modular adaptability across multiple environments.

Eccellent visual camouflage, it enable the user to conceal perfectly from NVG devices (both analog and digital) and from thermal cameras.

This multispectral Ghillie does not thermally insulate the user and allow the application of natural elements to maximise concealment. It is modular, parts can be added or removed depening the operational contingencies. 


Breathable, water-repellent, it has the weight of 3kg. It is a bulky solution for extremely demanding concealment scenario. 

Customisable on demand. Available now for anyone, including civilians. 


rīmātŏr, rīmātŏr, rimatoris - explorator, stalker, investigator

RIMATOR suit - Thermal / IR (NVG) – Vis camouflage modular Ghillie