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rīmātŏr, rīmātŏr, rimatoris 

ProApto RIMATOR Suit is the Ghillie Suit for camouflage in the whole IR spectrum providing modular adaptability across multiple environments.

Excellent visual camouflage, it enables the user to conceal perfectly from NVG devices (both analog and digital) and from thermal cameras. It is designed for operations very close to the objective where thermal camouflage can not be in charge of distance and daylight VIS effectiveness can not be compromised. This counter-thermal (anti-thermal) suit offer thermal camouflage against LWIR and MWIR sensors from 100 and 300mt respectively in temperature above 5C. 

RIMATOR has a weight ranging fom 2.7kg (tropical version) and 5kg (winter version). The suit does not thermally insulate the user while allows full breathability, water-resistance and fire-retardant.


The system also allow the application of natural elements to maximise concealment. It is modular, parts can be added or removed depening the operational contingencies. RIMATOR system is also suitable for amphibious operations, it can be washed with minal decay of multispectral performances. All the materials are silent. This suit can be produced with all the ProApto standardasied 3D Ghillie camouflage patterns and being based on the 2D ProApto camouflage patterns.

The price starts from 22023 up to 25600 euros, pre-order is available and the first production will occur in summer 2024.

rīmātŏr, rīmātŏr, rimatoris  is an ancient Roman noun meaning explorator, stalker, investigator

RIMATOR - Multispectral Modular Ghillie Suit (VIS - NIR - TIR)

20-120 days of production, send us a message
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