rĕcondo, rĕcondis, recondidi, reconditum, rĕcondĕre

Water-repellent and Breathable thermal camouflage. Double-sided (green and brown). It can be used to conceal an observation point, for stealth camping and can be worn as a cloak when moving under the lurking eyes of drones or tanks is needed. 


It provides visible and IR camouflage including the thermal radiation signature. It is a protective semi-rigid screen between you and the eyes of the observer, multiple RECONDOR 2 can be used to conceal a vehicle concealing it from thermal cameras, Night Vision devices while providing effective VIS camouflage.


Silent material, does not thermally insulate the user, can be packed in a bag of 20x20x40cm.

160x140cm of dimensions

1100gr total weight

The design can be customised in dimensions and features: holes can be added along with 3D camouflage for better disruption.


rĕcondor is the first person present passive of the ancient Roman verb rĕcondo, rĕcondis, recondidi, reconditum, rĕcondĕre which means "to hide, to conceal, to put in place, to set-up, to stick-in".


RECONDOR II - individual/vehicle Thermal / IR (NVG) – Vis camouflage