ProApto and Bellicus shooting gear introduce a new science-based didactical and training tool designed for Law Enforcement and Military Personnel. The “ProApto-Bellicus Anatomical Shooting Target“ is a human-sized shooting target which aims to increase the effectiveness of shooting trainings among LE and Mil. The aim of this tactical scientific tool is to provide a human-sized and easy to use shooting target while at the same time delivering a useful amount of knowledge (human anatomy) and cognitive stimulation (real human dimensions practice + added stimuli). The Surgeon Practice methodology is a series of modular human-sized shooting targets which offer several solutions for training simulations. Different shooting targets can be placed on the “anatomical shooting target” in order to cover the anatomy and train on specular dimensions on armed and un-armed human targets. Moreover, several customized “human-targets” can be developed on demand. We already provide infinite photographic human faces (generated by a machine learning algorithm to produce fake human faces). In addition, other available option include the “NVS – human targets” (neuropsychological visual stressors human targets), which increase the visual cognitive load using motion visual illusions and camouflage disruption.

Printed on water-resistant paper for outdoor prolonged usage. It is IR reflective, so you can train using your nods.

After you placed the order tell us how many anatomical targets and how many armed/not-armed targets you need. We will up-date you on the production.

Thanks to Paolo Simeone for helping us in the development of this training tool with his suggestions and critiques. (

Surgeon Practice - 180x70cm

25 Liters