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occulto, occultas, occultavi, occultatum, occultāre


The OCCULTOR modular suit is the result of the RECONDOR with the addition of limb covers, or, the result of PRAEDATOR combined with RECONDOR with the addition of OCCULTOR leg covers .

This system can be produced in various camouflage patterns and can be implemented with 3D laser cut elements or with the ProApto standardised Ghillie Patterns. The overall weight ranges between 1500 to 2600gr. As all ouf our multispectral camouflage is breathable, does not insulate the user, it is silent and water-resistant while being suitable for amphibious use as well. If necessary it can be washed without significant decay of multispectral effectiveness.  

The price starts from 19669.63 up to 25600 euros, pre-order is available and the first production will occur in summer 2024.

occultor is the first person present passive of the ancient Roman verb occulto, occultas, occultavi, occultatum, occultāre, which means "the action of hiding or to conceal something".

OCCULTOR - MMM3DCS - Multipurpose Individual System (VIS - NIR - TIR)

20-120 days of production, send us a message
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