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occulto, occultas, occultavi, occultatum, occultāre


The OCCULTOR a full body system with a modular concept. The main solution is made of a jacket and a detachable hood featuring a net grid with 3D camouflage and 2 legs covers. This first configuaration is designed for reconnaissance and large movements on the ground, and, offer high VIS - NIR - TIR 2D and 3D camoflage with a weight ranging from 1200gr to 2000gr (packed as a footaball size 20x25x30).


A  second solution for our Occultor system is to add to our RECONDOR cloak/poncho limbs and leg covers. This is more suited for operations requiring long static observations alternated to ground movements. An alternative third option consists in additng to our PRAEDATOR camouflage, a torso cover (or even RECONDOR poncho) and legs covers. ThisThe weight ranges betwenn 1700gr to 3000gr. It can be packed in a bag of 20x40x35cm.

This system can be produced in the 2D ProApto camouflage patterns and can be implemented with 3D laser cut elements or with the 19 ProApto standardised Ghillie Patterns.  As all ProApto multispectral camouflage, OCCULTOR system is brethable and not insulating. It is also silent and suitable for amphibious operations, since multispectral effectiveness does not decay with time and water.

The price starts from 9.669.63 up to 16.600 euros, pre-order is available and the first production will occur in summer 2024.




ProApto counter-thermal camouflage is going to be available in 2024  to maximise survivability when it matters the most.

occultor is the first person present passive of the ancient Roman verb occulto, occultas, occultavi, occultatum, occultāre, which means "the action of hiding or to conceal something".

OCCULTOR - MMM3DCS - Multipurpose Individual System (VIS - NIR - TIR)

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