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ProApto Pattern n.3 Greenzone inspired by PenCott

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Ghillie suit made with PenCott inspired camouflage pattern

This pattern's design was initially inspired by the PenCott Greenzone colour scheme pattern (jute version). Subsequentely, we developed a full raffia version predominantly green in order to obtain a camouflage pattern highly suitable for green grassy areas, like coniferous woods in the summer (northern boreal regions) and mountain ridges in subalpine central Europe, as well as grassy meadows and tropical forests.

Regarding Greenzone, we usually recommend the raffia version because it is able to provide specific blending in green grassy areas that other Patterns, like n.7 or n.10 (despite their large versatility and adaptability), cannot provide so effectively without the addition of vegetation.

However, Pattern n.3 Greenzone works properly even in "fairly dry" areas (as broad-leaved autumn woods), because its green grassy look well matches mixed ground morphologies.

As you can see in the videos here, this pattern works extremely well both among grass and broad shapes of deciduous forests, since its grassy appearance does not dramatically stand out even in bare brown grounds in fall and winter woods.

Despite its intense green colouring, it adapts well to broad-leaved woods and to the autumn season. Pattern n.3 is made using only raffia in order to blend effectively in lush grassy regions. In tropical and fully humid hot environments, it finds an ideal placement thanks to the high breathability provided by raffia on ProApto ghillie bases.

In addition, raffia is extremely lightweight and retains less water than jute, cotton, nylon and other synthetic fabrics, therefore it is well-suited for tropical biomes.

In our opinion, the most useful version of our Pattern n. 3 is the one that only has raffia rather than both jute and raffia. Raffia resembles grass and works in a wide variety of environments due its natural appearance. We employ several different shades of ecologically-dyed eco raffia. Ghillie suits made entirely of raffia are lighter and more breathable than jute ghillies. Raffia works better than jute in grassy environments, but it's less versatile than jute outside of them. The drawback of raffia is that it produces a low rustling sound: as such, it requires the wearer to be careful in their sudden movements while approaching wildlife.

You can also search for #proaptopattern3 on Instagram.

Ghillie suit made with PenCott inspired camouflage pattern

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