The first fully Waterproof and Breathable Ghillie Suit

Updated: Jul 29

First ever Waterproof and Breathable Ghillie Suit, which provides multispectral effectiveness with less overall weight than your breakfast.

In 2020 we introduced the Ghillie Pattern n.17 "Lagoon", a fully waterproof and breathable Ghillie Suit designed for amphibious use. This is the first ever Ghillie platform enabling the user with a fully waterproof and highly lightweight 3D camouflage, that does not compromise effectiveness in any way. Indeed, Pattern n.17 is silent and it has excellent Infra-Red camouflage. Any ProApto Ghillie model can be produced in Pattern n.17, so going for this option will allow you to benefit from ProApto Ghillie features: possibility to apply vegetation, high breathability, modular design. A Ghillie made in Pattern n.17 is lighter than the Ghillie made in Jute and it is easier to compress and store.

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