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The first fully Waterproof and Breathable Ghillie Suit

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

First ever Waterproof and Breathable Ghillie Suit, which provides multispectral effectiveness with less overall weight than your breakfast.

In 2020 we introduced the Ghillie Pattern n.17 "Lagoon", a fully waterproof and breathable Ghillie Suit designed for amphibious use. This is the first ever Ghillie platform enabling the user with a fully waterproof and highly lightweight 3D camouflage, that does not compromise effectiveness in any way.

Indeed, Pattern n.17 is silent and it has excellent Near Infra-Red camouflage. NIR reflectance matches the bright NIR emittance of lush vegetation airins from water flows and lakes ensuring excellent blend in amphibious scenarios requiring the operator being in the water navigating head out.

Any ProApto Ghillie model can be produced in Pattern n.17, so going for this option will allow you to benefit from ProApto Ghillie features: possibility to apply vegetation, high breathability, modular design. A Ghillie made in Pattern n.17 is lighter than the Ghillie made in Jute and it is easier to compress and store.

You can also search for #proaptopattern17 on Instagram.

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