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An overview about ProApto standardised Ghillie Patterns

VIS camouflage will be always the beginning and the end of any kind of concealment, before and beyond any remote sensing capability, it is the ἄλφα and the ὦ μέγα of cryptic elusion.

In ProApto we do offer a variety of standardised Ghillie patterns available for ours Ghillie models, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages.

General Overview

The main patterns listed on the website are in order of versatility and all-year-round adaptability, with Pattern n.10, n.7, and n.2 being the most versatile. Additionally, there are two patterns for grassy environments (Pattern n.1, Arid and Pattern n.3, Greenzone), as well as two patterns for deciduous areas (Pattern n.9, BDW and Pattern n.15, Realtree Xtra). The last two patterns, Pattern n.6, Snow and Pattern n.17, Lagoon, are tailored to specific uses, such as alpine and amphibious environments.

The patterns are crafted to blend in the designed environment as baseline effective camouflage. However, for maximum effectiveness, the use of local vegetation and natural elements, such as dust, sand, mud, and snow, should be considered.

To choose the best pattern for your needs, the website provides a worldwide mapping of climates and biomes for each of their standardised patterns. By checking the area you need to operate in and matching it to the color code reference provided, you can find the best pattern for your specific environment. To do so please refer to the Koppen and Geiger Climate Classifcation we provided in our Pattern section

Keep on mind that we also provides a free consultation service, where you can send in pictures of your intended area of use, along with seasonal features, for an external opinion from our side.

In addition, all of the patterns we offered have excellent visual and Near Infra-red effectiveness, and have been tested manifold biomes. If you are curious to see more, please refer to the test section of our website.

In conclusion, the standardised ghillie camouflage patterns, each designed for specific environments and uses. By using the provided color code reference and free consultation service, you can find the perfect pattern to help you blend into your surroundings and conceal your presence.

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